3 Areas to Focus On in Your Business During the Summer Slump



Summer may be notorious for the typical slowdown within business - everyone is off enjoying some beach and vacation time, after all! But that doesn't mean YOU have to slide into a slump, too.


Make the most of a more quiet inbox or workload and use this time to further yourself, your operations, and your network.


Read on for 3 ways to make the most of the typical 'summer slump' within your business.


Truly the backbone of life - your relationships. Whether in business or your personal life, chances are you've seen, felt, and experienced just how important the various relationships you keep and nurture are.

While the summer season is a bit slower than usual, take this time to reach out to a few business friends you haven't caught up with in a while. Send a simple voice note over Instagram DM's or a quick email - it doesn't matter HOW you connect as long as you genuinely do so.

Admire a few fellow business ladies outside of your immediate circle? Reach out! Introduce yourself, tell 'em what you love about their personality, brand, or work.

Making new friends is always fun - don't use the excuse of being "too busy" keep you from building new relationships and nurturing old ones.



Alright, admittedly, not very sexy (unless you're a total systems nerd, which we L-O-V-E), but when is the last time you actually sat down and received your systems, SOP,s and records within your day-to-day and overall business? Chances are they could use an update!

Take this time to review all current SOPs and make sure they're up to date with your latest processes.

Review the tech and processes you regularly use to ensure you're making the most of it all.

Make sure all of the internal information you use to operate your business is correct and current.

What if you were to hire a new team member in the fall? Would they be able to come into your business, review your SOP's and immediately know how to hit the ground running with your various systems & processes? Attack this challenge with this goal in mind. We truly cannot think of a more useful use of your time!



How about a little bit of good ole summer school, eh?!

You wouldn't be an entrepreneur if you didn't actually enjoy learning. With all of the details and various roles you must take on in your business, you're actively learning new skills constantly.

But between the daily operations and running your business, when's the last time you set time aside to lean into YOUR specific skillset?

Whether you're a graphic designer and have been interested in learning more about print or web design, or how your favorite designer letters their own projects - take this time to pour into your OWN skills.

We're not talking about learning how to master the latest Reels trend or how to monetize your TikTok. Nope - we're talking about pouring into your own talent and investing in YOURSELF - NOT social media or another platform, but truly yourself.

Alright, a slower season in business or not right now, go make the most of this fleeting summer. We'll be back to hot chocolate and snow boots before we know it.

Here's to the right focus & growth, no matter the season.

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