5 Reasons to Use Styled Stock Images to Build Your Brand

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So you own a business! You’ve spent the time developing your brand and your products!  And now you’re ready to spread the word with some legit marketing!  You’ve heard the buzz about Social Media Marketing… and you’re ready to jump in – posting, captioning, hashtagging and all that jazz…. BUT here’s the catch:


Staying consistent on Social Media requires a TON of Visual Content!


Tell me if you’ve ever felt like this:


“Wait, what?!? I’m supposed to post on Instagram and Facebook HOW OFTEN?? AND you’re telling me I’m supposed to be updating my blog and shop consistently too? How the heck am I going to find pictures to post all the time? I want my business to look legit (because it IS), but I’m trying to take pictures with my phone and I don’t exactly have a pro photographer in my back pocket! And custom shoots cost $$$!! What am I supposed to do?!?”  


Seriously friends, ALL of us have thoughts just like this! We all know how social media & a consistent online presence are essential to the success of our businesses, but sometimes it feels so crazy hard to have to come up with all those images that we need in order to post regularly. We’re not all professional photographers, right?!? But we want our businesses to look as professional and cohesive as possible! Without breaking the bank! This is where using beautiful styled stock photos can really be a game changer for you and your business!


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What is Styled Stock?:


“Styled stock images” are photographs designed and produced with business owners in mind. Online entrepreneurs, bloggers, graphic artists and web designers all make use of them.  They come in all color schemes and make use of all kinds of props – flowers, office supplies, household items, people, etc.  They range from flat lays, to mockups, close-ups, model images and still lifes. And with the rise in more feminine images especially geared toward women business owners, the selection never stops growing!


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1 – Save Time

Ain’t nobody got time for a styled shoot every day! Having a supply of styled stock images on hand allows you to breath easier – knowing that if life gets a little too busy every once in awhile and you still need to get that post up, you can rely on professional stock images to keep your business consistently connected with your customers in just a few seconds!


2 – Increase Professionalism

Professional brands use professional content. That goes for visual content especially.  But not all of us know how to fine-tune a DSLR and hiring your own photographer can get spendy. Utilizing the growing resources of professionally-photographed styled stock images out there helps your brand look legitimate – just as you want it to!


3 – Build a Cohesive Brand 

You’ve got your logo, colors, typography and mood board. Your business brand is set & spiffy! But inconsistent images can throw a wrench in your perfectly planned branding strategy. Thoughtfully used styled stock images can makeover your feeds and posts – bringing style consistency and color cohesion to all the images your customers see from your brand.


4 – Attract Customers & Increase Sales

Professional images and coherent visual content send a real message to your customers: that your business is real, ready, and excited to serve them!  Your products shine, your promotions turn heads, and your sales go up!


5 – Save $$$

Custom brand shoots with a professional photographer are an excellent investment, but are realistically out of the budget of many businesses.  Whatever stage you’re in, styled stock images provide extremely affordable value – giving your brand an instant facelift without having to break the bank! And with an increasing number styled stock subscription options out there – now is a fab time to get in on the fun and start revolutionizing your business brand!


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So if you are looking to save time, look professional, sell more, and make your brand just plain beautiful (without it costing an arm & a leg) – styled stock images just might be your saving grace! My KateMaxStock image library is designed just for these reasons! KateMaxStock specializes in prettiness – with images in a range of neutrals and blush – all with a feminine, modern flare! 

Sound like your brand’s dream come true?! CLICK HERE to get all the info on my KateMaxStock Membership options:

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But if my vibe isn’t quite your jam, no stress – you can get out there and find a Styled Stock Photographer who fits your style and see what a difference they can make in your life!

xoxo – Kate

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