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5 Stress Relief Tips to Try Today

When the stress is getting to you, we’ve got you covered with five easy-to-implement stress relievers. Open up and say “awooooosa!”

The stress is real, y’all. We get it. And we also know, just like you, how important it is to manage the stress so it doesn’t get out of control and affect your mental and physical health.

We’ve collected 5 of our best tips that we rely on daily to help you relieve stress as the brilliant female entrepreneur you are.

We hope these ideas give you a few more tools to combat the stress that knocks on your door daily, and, of course, that you ACTUALLY put aside some time to de-stress.

Yep, even our destressing needs scheduled these days!

Read on for 5 easy to implement stress relievers –


1.  Try a meditation

Say it with us now “Ommmmm.”

Okay, but really, if you’ve never tried a breathing exercise, you may think it’s not really your thing but let us tell you, it’s EVERYONE’S thing. The power of deep cleansing breaths is like no other. Five minutes of meditation or focused breathing can reset your brain and body with peace, focus, and energy for the rest of the day.

If you’re not sure where to start, try downloading the Calm or Abide apps. Both can help you out with some beginning meditations.

2. Take a walk outside – sans phone!

Whether you actively love being outdoors or not, there’s no denying it – us humans belong in nature. And when the stress is climbing and your shoulders are up around your ears, a good ole walk around the block can do wonders.

So next time you hit the afternoon slump or feel an anxiety event coming on, shut down the computer, grab your sunglasses, and head outside. We’re tempted to say leave your phone behind, but we’re also big proponents of safety and common sense, so you know, go ahead and bring your phone under one condition…

Activate that ‘do not disturb’ mode! Just walk in silence… Listen to the birds, the sway of the trees in the wind, your own thoughts. No music. No podcasts. No audiobooks.

Give your mind room to breathe and your body time to re-energize.

3. Make a list of every single thing you get done in one day

We’re guilty of leaving the studio saying “what did we even DO today?!”

This only continues to pile on the stress and has us walking into our evenings feeling defeated. Chances are, you did SO much throughout the day at record speed, that it all ran together and you simply can’t keep track of it all.

We’ve started making a running list of all the things we’re accomplishing throughout the day, in REAL-TIME, so that we know just what we accomplished at the end of the day.

The trick here is to keep the running list of accomplishments as you move through your day. Don’t tell yourself you’ll remember and write it down later because let’s be real.. you won’t, and the stress will just keep creeping in.

4.  Set boundaries

Whether that be screen time limits, alone time, or carving out a real lunch break – you NEED specific boundaries in your day and life in order to keep the stress of life at bay. Maybe even take one day a week completely off of social media, if you can. Those little gadgets and apps don’t control you, as much as it may feel like it.

What you allow into your mind, heart, and space will shape how you feel. Don’t allow in more senseless stress than necessary.

5.  Free Write

Your mind is a wild one. Full of brilliant ideas, big dreams, so many goals and aspirations, frustrations, stressors, to-do lists for all the things, and so. much. more.  It’s no wonder you can feel spacey and bogged down – there’s a lot goin’ on in that brain of yours!

It’s time to unleash the power of the brain dump, or as we like to think of it, simply free writing.

Grab a piece of paper or your favorite notebook, a good ole ink pen (we actually find a pencil works great for this… something about scribbling quickly!), sit down, set a timer for three minutes aaaand… go! Simply write. Dump your brain of all the things weighing it down.  Don’t try to organize your thoughts in a pretty to-do list. That’s not the point.

Just let. it. all. out. You’ll instantly feel lighter – promise.

Here's to de-stressing - today, tomorrow, and always.

Phew! Pour a big glass on us tonight, turn on that Calm app and lean into the quiet moment. We know the stress will come a’knockin tomorrow, so seriously, every single day and night do something from the above list that helps kick it to the curb for a bit. Your health thanks you, friend.

Cheers to true self-care and de-stressing like the genius you are.

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