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ย through monthly stock images, content marketing prompts, and strategic business tips and guides, we'll help you work smarter, not harder, while elevating your brand into all it can be.

You need great content.

But it doesn't have to come at the cost of your bank account, your sanity, or your time.

It may sound odd, but I've always seen the world through both visuals and the written word, which is why creating both the visuals and writing copy for small businesses is truly like living a very fun dream every day (okay, most days).


When I first launched my marketing studio and the Stock House sister brand, Verb House Creative, one of my very first clients was a brilliant brand and human by the name of KateMaxStock.

I worked closely over the next few years with the founder, Kate, as the marketing director to grow KMS into one of the leading stock photography companies in the industry. When it came time for her to pursue other passions, the KateMaxStock baton was passed to me… And the start of another wild dream began. We rebranded to Stock House in 2021 and have been on a mission ever since to bring you more than just pretty photos, to help you grow beyond just social media, to help you realize the potential your brand has always had.


Because great content, great copywriting,
and great marketing strategies shouldn't
just be reserved for the big brands.

What they're saying...


helping you realize the potential your brand has always had.

Meet Your New Styled Stock Besties



Our meme loving, photographing, heart of gold lady, Amanda works across photography & content creation fronts. She's one of those people that seems to be good at everything they do, which would be annoying if we didn't like her so much. You can catch her at Starbucks on the daily and reminding Allie of her own to-do list.


The one who keeps us all on schedule, ensures the prop room is consistently organized, and stays up to date with Gen-Z (someone has to!), Caroline works across all backend fronts of Stock House and is dying to bring you stock video… Stay tuned! ๐Ÿ˜‰



The visionary and owner behind Stock House, Allie leads the way, loves shopping for props the most, and is always asking the team "yes, but is that really needed?" Her commitment to providing high quality stock services that don't feel or look like stock services reigns supreme. She can also be bribed any day with a Starbucks iced greed tea.



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