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We’ve got some big news! Introducing a new era of KMS.

We’ve got some very big news to share with you today, my ladies! Buckle up for one exciting ride to come.

It's a new era of KateMaxStock...

and it’s going to be a beautiful, lovely, amazing, wonderful, inspiring and bright new era.

Hello loves!

Kate here, and I’ve got some big news to share with you today.

Growing KateMaxStock over the last 5 years has been an absolute party! As the KMS community has grown and the styled stock library has expanded, so has our feisty all-female team. From Laurel on the photo front, to Amy working her editing magic, to Lisa taking fabulous care of our customer service, and finally to Allie heading up our marketing- we’ve banded together to serve you.

As some of you know, I had the opportunity to diversify my business toolbelt in an MBA program starting back in 2018. It has been a blast and has given me the opportunity to explore and grow! I am on the tail end of completing that program and after assessing my strengths and passions (and taking a big, hefty breath), I’ve decided to continue pursuing even more education in a business PhD program. Funsies! Since I am going to be dedicating more of my hours to this pursuit, it makes sense to transition more of the KMS strategy and every day to a dedicated fresh leader – whose keen eyes and heart can be focused solely on keeping KMS thriving!

But who to ask to step up to the plate?! I knew that an understanding and love of KateMaxStock’s community was an essential aspect of anyone who might take on a major role in KMS and so I looked to those who had been with us almost from the beginning. Allie Morris Nute of Verb House Creative has been our Marketing Maven from basically square one – immersed day-in and day-out in the KMS world. She also happens to be amazingly sharp, savvy, tasteful and kind! I couldn’t give her higher praise. Period. That’s her up there with me havin’ fun and gettin’ things done!

So in the next few months, the leadership here at KateMaxStock will be shifting over to our dearest Allie and as she takes the reigns the team is staying intact, service won’t skip a beat, and if anything, KMS will be getting better and better (you may have already noticed our spiffy new email deliveries – and if not, let’s fix that! – get on our email list ASAP so you don’t miss any more email goodness)! 😉 Allie is ready to take KMS to the next level and I can’t wait to see it keep flourishing with her at the helm!

I’ll miss interacting with your gorgeous souls on the daily, but it’s been a continual honor to serve you on this crazy journey and I am humbly grateful for your love and support!

As always,
xoxo – Kate

So what can you expect?

In short, just more awesomesauce amazingness!

Allie’s been running things over here from basically square one – she gets it, she is you (brave small biz owners!) and she’s ready to take KMS to the next level – right alongside your own business as we start providing even more incredible resources for you. This means…

– More content marketing resources
– More Instagram haaalllllp!
– More incredible, useful, beautiful styled stock photos
– A KMS affiliate program (woop!)
– More fun collaborations

Overall, things aren’t changing too much at all – they’re just getting even better.

We can’t wait to show you what all we’ve got in the 2020 pipeline. But first, let’s cheers to this new era and celebrate!

Come hang out on the gram with us as we chat about this fun and good news and celebrate with our peeps – aka you!

In much excitement,
Kate and Allie

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