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Fun KMS Updates!

Things are moving and shaking behind the scenes here at KateMaxStock! Read on for a few fun updates happening this fall.

KMS Fall Update!

Hey heyyyy babes! We’ve got some fun new updates for you of what’s been going on behind the scenes here at KateMaxStock the last couple of weeks – all good, big things that I’m excited to finally share with you.

I’m a student again!


Yep, I’ve gone back to school! I’ve just embarked on a two-year masters program to get my learn on.

It’s been such a wild ride creating and building KateMaxStock the last few years, going through product evolutions and serving my core customer friends. Such a wild, fun, educational ride.

I have no background in business whatsoever and want to make KateMaxStock the best business it can be, so I’ve just recently started a top-tier business graduate program to bring some concrete analytical and hard business skills to my self-taught scrappy street skills. And I am SO EXCITED!

I cannot wait to see how this helps me grow KateMaxStock, what all I will learn to help serve my customers better, and how I’ll become a better businesswoman as a result of this program. I know the future is bright, friends!

I have a friend and member of the KMS team who wants me to give her weekly/monthly lowdowns on what all I’m learning in the program, so maybe I’ll bring that to you guys too?! I’m thinking a fun little “What Kate Learned At School” feature on Insta. 😉 What do ya think?!


Our team is growing, growing, growing!


It’s a labor of love to bring all of these beautiful photos to our members and the Shop each month (oftentimes, multiple new shoots and tons of images a month!), and I absolutely could not do it alone.

We have been working on building the KMS team for a bit now over the last year into a formidable, hardworking group of women and I’m so stoked with the team members we’ve added to the business – from customer service, to file editing, to creative help.

One of the newest additions that I’m SO excited about is our new partnership with Penchant Styled. If you aren’t yet familiar with Penchant Styled, they’re a fabulous fellow stock photo duo ran by Joey & Bernadette – two incredible stylists and photographers who have created a wealth of stunning content behind Penchant Styled.

With this partnership, you’ll now be able to get all of their insanely beautiful images right here at KateMaxStock. Members will get instant access to all of the content as we release it and all you other awesome peeps will be able to purchase the individual images and bundle in the Shop!

Their photos are SERIOUSLY GORGEOUS and fit right in with KateMaxStock. Just search “Desk of a Traveler’ in the Shop for some solid proof. Eeeep!

I’ll still be acting daily as the creative lead behind KMS, working hard to brainstorm and curate the very best content for you ladies, so please keep reaching out with specific requests and ideas – I LOVE to hear them!

I’m so excited for all of these littlebig (littlebig- totally a word/thing!) changes and am eager to see how they’ll impact this business I’ve come to love so, so much. My hope is always that we’ll be your go-to source for high-quality professional photos to help you market your business more effortlessly and beautifully, so you can get back to all the things you love in life – like your kiddos and your partners and your businesses and your hobbies and your downtime and your play time!

Come follow along on Insta to see my biz school takeaways this fall and for all of the fun news on the KMS team and the new photos that drop each month! 

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