How to Conduct an End-of-Year Review


One of our favorite quotes is by a brilliant man named Peter Drucker:

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

Oof! How many times do we let emotion take over fact in our business? From how much we personally love doing something to how burnt out we are to how crazy a client or customer was, sometimes it can be hard to overlook emotion for the real hard truth and facts.

This is why at the end of the year, when you’ve had so many days and weeks and months for all kinds of feelings to rise, it’s important to actually hit the books and get the facts.

Read below for a breakdown of how to efficiently conduct your year-in-review by looking at the facts and then how to move forward and see what felt right as well.



Product-based businesses: What were your top 5 items sold this year?

Service-based businesses: What were your top 5 performing services this year?

Be sure to look at your website data for this part! Using your financial metrics and having your sales dashboards by your side will help you determine the facts. Write out everything from your total number of website visitors (and where they're coming from) to your conversion rates. It's important to know what contributed to your success each month so that you can replicate the good, and leave behind the not so good, in the new year.

We like to break this down month-by-month, too.

If you're wondering how you can even begin to remember what took place each month that contributed to that month's outcome, go back through your physical or digital planners and calendars, as well as social and marketing platforms to remind you.


Now that you've reviewed your actual metrics, let's break down the marketing on a deeper level.

With each platform below, take stock of and write down the following for each:

  • What worked in 2021
  • What you want to continue improving on or working towards
  • What felt heavy or fun
  • What you want to try in 2022


After you've seen the actual, factual details of your year, it's time to reflect on the things that may not be as straightforward but are just as important.

Here are a few questions we like to ask + reflect on at the end of each year:

  • What were your three biggest wins this year or what are the three things you're most proud of?
  • What felt draining this year?
  • When did you feel most alive this year? What were you doing?
  • What felt messy or disorganized this year?

We hope this helps you better understand how the past year actually went and makes you feel energized for the next one!

For an even more in-depth marketing end-of-year review, our members have access to an end-of-year template guide that provides them with the framework to go through actual financials, products/services sold, website traffic, and marketing efforts and then analyze the findings and feelings in order to find out what actually worked and what didn’t.

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Here's to reflecting + moving forward with purpose!

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