Hello 2022 & hello you, friend!

We’re so happy to have you here, entering a new fresh year together. We can feel some really good things coming in 2022.

Starting with 5 content prompts for you to use across social media and your other marketing materials in January! These prompts come straight from our members-only, conversion-focused content calendar that our members receive each month. It allows them to plan + schedule their marketing content with intention and purpose. We’re all about working smarter, not harder.

When you join us on the inside, you get instant access to this calendar PLUS a birds-eye view of your entire marketing plan for the year, image pairings to go with your prompts, and exclusive images you’ll only find in the members-only portal. Enough said? 😉

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Scroll on down and let’s begin 2022 on a ‘work smarter, not harder’ note. 👇🏼


Use the below marketing prompts to help you show up across social media + in your other marketing this month.


Product friends – people want to see how you create your magic! Show ’em today!

Service peeps – Today, we want you to tackle filming a reel (even if this is something that makes you go “ahh😳” inside) covering your service features.

Show your cute face or show something else instead, we just encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone today and post something different.



As the first month of this new year, refresh both YOUR memory and your audiences on WHY the heck you do all of this to begin with. In a time when a lot of us are feeling burnt out, it’s helpful and energizing to remember why you started this journey and business.


3. THE STORY OF _______

People love stories. Whether it’s the tale of your trainwreck-of-a-trip to the grocery store or the story of how your business came to be or the funny anecdote about mamahood, people want to hear your take on your experiences.

Share a story today – about anything! It can be about your product/service or about literally anything else. Channel those story-telling abilities and get to writing!


4. REEL: Q + A

What common questions do you receive about your products or services? Take those questions & answer them in an engaging Reel today!

You DON’T have to reinvent the wheel – take the Q&A from your website FAQ’s or common DM’s you receive.



It’s #NationalComplimentDay and we think you’re brilliant and beautiful. 😉

Everyone could use a few kind words today – especially the ones you don’t think do. Can you share a tagged photo you love, a fellow business owner you think is incredible, or give a compliment in some other form today.

And be sure to spread those kind compliments far and wide in real life, too, friends!

Here’s to a month of intentional, purpose-driven marketing! And remember, there’s an entire calendar of prompts like these in the Members-Only Toolkit that you get instant access to when you become a member. Read more on our membership options here.

Talk soon!

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