New Images: Gingerbread Cookies


Helllllooooo boss babes (and men!) out there! We’re back this week with ANOTHER new holiday-themedΒ photoshoot that’s just hit the KateMaxStock Shop and Member Library! This one is a delicious shoot focused aroundΒ a personal holiday favorite of mine…. baking! These images are GORGEOUS if we do say so ourselves. We’reΒ definitely in the holiday spirit now.

When we were shooting these styled stock images, we were envisioning all of the different ways you guys would be using these images: in your email campaigns, as lifestyle posts on Instagram and Facebook, as blog post graphics and as potential holiday sale images and announcements on your websites and in your shops. We’ve already seen a couple of KateMaxStock members use the stationery card mock-ups for their own designs and the result has been beautiful!

As always, it’s an honor to be able to serve our members and shop customers in a way that truly helps. You know we’re all about hustling less here at KateMaxStock, and especially so during the holidays!

Take a look at some of the new images below and if you suddenly find yourself singing Christmas jingles, don’t say we didn’t warn you!



Wondering if there’s a bundle for this beauty of a shoot? Well, you KNOW there is! Here’s a sneak peek of it below…



Crazy good, right?! Take a look at the bundle in the shop right here. You can find all of the individual images in the Shop as well – we’ve nestled ’em nice and neatly under Christmas for easy findings – or find each image here!


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