Happy November!

It sure feels good to start off a new month on a fresh Monday, doesn’t it? There’s an extra pep in our step today!

We’re ringing in a new month with 5 brand new content prompts to market with purpose and intention in November.

November is arguably one of the most crucial months to show up with purpose and intent in your marketing. If you’ve got big end-of-year goals that feel a biiit out of reach at the moment, we believe they can absolutely happen if you focus in and market from a place of radical empathy and purpose.

If you need a little extra help, guidance, and support making the most of your content and marketing efforts this month, join us on the inside of Stock House for an entire content calendar chock full of purposeful marketing prompts, images to pair with, and this month our members are even getting holiday graphic templates for Instagram- both feed and Stories sets – to make their biggest holiday marketing month a breeze.

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Now without further ado, put the below marketing prompts to good use this month:


Use the below marketing prompts to help you show up across social media + in your other marketing this month.


The stress is real. Day in and day out, there seems to always be something creating that uneasy pit in our stomachs and making us feel worried, scared, anxious.

If that’s you today, feeling like the stress is about to pull you under, we see you. We know how hard you’re working and how it feels never-ending, but we also believe you CAN do it.

We encourage you to spread some kind words today, maybe share a quote that always recenters you, and then set aside some intentional stress relief time to do something you want to do today.

*SH collection pairing suggestion: Self Care Sunday



Whether it’s Thanksgiving season, Spring (for our lovely Aussies!), or just a random old Tuesday for you, call out some of your must-haves today – Reels style!

U.S. friends – Create a Reel listing your must-have Thanksgiving products, recipes, party-hosting tips, etc.

Outside of U.S. – Create a Reel with your must-haves to surviving entrepreneurship and the holiday season. This could be a fun one for us all!

Australian friends – Create a Reel of your spring cleaning favorites (we have a great ‘Home Organization’ collection for this!), or your spring wardrobe staples, or tips on how you stay organized this season.



Are you hosting a Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or Cyber Monday sale? Or ALL of the above?

Be sure to encourage your audience to join your email list today so that they don’t miss out on any of the deals you’re offering – ESPECIALLY if you’re already offering them early, as in, right now!



In honor of World Kindness Day (11/13), spread and share random acts of kindness.

Some ideas to get you going:

  • Load a Starbucks gift card for your followers to use throughout the day – post to Stories or feed (DM us on insta if you need some help figuring out how to do this! you can find us at @styledstockhouse)
  • Pay for the person’s meal at the table next to you (or behind you in the coffee line) and encourage others to do the same – get the chain going!
  • Compliment someone else’s talent or style, hard work, cute new haircut, etc.
  • Write random little letters of encouragement (this one is especially good to mention if you sell stationery)

However you choose to show kindness, today, this weekend, and EVERY day – let’s remember we ALL need kindness shown to us. ❤️



Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • a new recipe you’ve been loving this season
  • the sweater you can’t live without at the moment
  • how you’re being more present these days
  • the product you think is a must for the holiday season (product peeps, feel free to sneak one of yours in here😉)

Here’s to a month of intentional, purpose-driven marketing! And remember, there’s an entire calendar of prompts like these in the Members-Only Toolkit that you get instant access to when you become a member. Read more on our membership options here.

Talk soon!

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