October is here which means it’s officially spooky season! 🎃

BUT, here’s our October news flash – your monthly marketing prep shouldn’t be spooky.

That’s why we exist, after all: to make your life, branding, and marketing easier.

And today we’re coming to you with 5 new, conversion-focused October content prompts to help you out with that social media fatigue.

If you want to really take the spooky scary out of your monthly marketing, we’ve got an entire October Content Calendar, plus image pairings, AND MEMBER-ONLY images waiting for you when you become a Stock House member.

Take the guesswork out of how to show up this month and choose the membership that’s right for you right here. We can’t wait to welcome you inside!

Now, on to your October marketing prompts, eh?! 👇🏼


Use the below marketing prompts to help you show up across social media + in your other marketing this month.


A year ago today, we were stumbling through our first back-to-school and fall season of the pandemic. Oh, how far we’ve come. 😳

Is there a memory, photo, journey that you can share today about what life was like a year ago for you? This is a great way to connect with your people on something everyone understands. .


It’s easy to get caught up in the sales-heavy language, listing the benefits and features of your products & services to get people to buy.

This is great – sometimes.

But today, we encourage you to tell the story behind one of your products or courses. Why did you create it? Where were you when you thought of the idea? Is there a funny story surrounding shipping it out for the first time? Did the first run through the course go smoothly? How do your customers actually benefit from your business in their lives?

Share a story surrounding a favorite product.


It’s #NationalPumpkinDay, also known as the Fall Christmas. 😂

We are SURE you’ve got some pumpkins lying around somewhere. Maybe on your front porch or your studio, on the mantle or in the kitchen. Snap a photo and share it with your people today to spread all those pumpkin feels! Of course, if you need a photo, we’ve most definitely got you covered, pumpkin. 🎃

P.S. – this could also be a great newsletter idea to run with. Product peeps, you can highlight any pumpkin-centered products you sell. Service friends, you can do a fun giveaway or relate pumpkins to your biz (we’re trying to give you a challenge here, okay? 😂 and if you actually do this, please send it to us – we’ve got to see the correlation).


The holiday season is basically here, people!

We know it’s technically mid-October, but it’s time to really ramp up your holiday marketing.

A few ideas about your holiday products to post:

  • Gift ideas
  • last year’s best selling holiday product
  • why your service makes the holiday season easier
  • why you believe ____ is a holiday season must-have
  • the underdog of the holiday season (maybe a product/feature of your service people normally wouldn’t think of in relation to holiday).

5. HOW YOUR _____ IS LIKE _______

Today, compare your product/service to something else your peeps can relate to! This can be seasonal or completely separate, but it’s always fun to connect your business to something people see or use every day in your customer’s mind.

Some examples:

  • How this candle is like your grandma’s apple pie
  • How this course is like the feeling of finally getting water out of your ears 😂
  • How this soap is like your favorite wine


We hope this helps take a bit off your shoulders this month! And remember, there’s an entire calendar of prompts like these in the Members-Only Toolkit that you get instant access to when you become a member. 😉 Read more on our membership options here.

We’ll talk to you soon, friend!

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