The Perfect Styled Stock Collections Based on Enneagram Type



Surely it can't just be us over here relating our Enneagram number to every single area of our life? πŸ˜‚

Okay - so maybe your Enneagram number doesn't necessarily have a direct correlation to your favorite styled stock images, but keep on reading if you love the Enneagram world as much as we do and want to have some fun.

Each collection type was chosen based on what makes each Enneagram number unique. What they love, dislike, what inspires them, and specifically, what might inspire them in the workplace and in our Styled Stock Library.Β Find your Enneagram number, and let us know if the three collections chosen for your type speak to you in any way!

We hope you feel inspired, (and a little more understood ;)) by these curations!

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Ones are conscientious and ethical, with a strong sense of right and wrong. They are teachers, crusaders, and advocates for change: always striving to improve things, but afraid of making a mistake. Well-organized, orderly, and fastidious, they try to maintain high standards, but can slip into being critical and perfectionistic. They typically have problems with resentment and impatience. At their Best: wise, discerning, realistic, and noble. Can be morally heroic.

What we love about 1’s: They are fair and considerate. Efficient, direct and honest. They prefer talking about tasks vs. feelings. They will come up with solutions, plans, and execute it all with perfectionism. In the workplace, they will always get. The. job. DONE!Β 

For the Styled Stock Gal who is inspired by organization, order and getting the job done! Neutral Desktop is sleek, clean and inspired by a productive work day for the 1’s we know and love. Writing Utensils also gives you everything you need for business stock photography, marking tasks off your lists and work for any planner and/or small business owner.Β 


2022 Calendars
Writing Utensils
Neutral Desktop


Twos are empathetic, sincere, and warm-hearted. They are friendly, generous, and self-sacrificing, but can also be sentimental, flattering, and people-pleasing. They are well-meaning and driven to be close to others, but can slip into doing things for others in order to be needed. They typically have problems with possessiveness and with acknowledging their own needs. At their Best: unselfish and altruistic, they have unconditional love for others.

What we love about 2’s: They often know what you need before you even know for yourself. There to lend a helping hand exactly at the moment you need it most. They will provide a listening ear, and give the best advice. They will always make time for others, and they are loving and kind to everyone.

For the Styled Stock Gal who is inspired by the little things that bring joy in life. Fine wines, a moodboard that brings all the inspiration and the cozy feels of fall. Each of these collections below were inspired by the gal who chooses the joy of life over the tedious mundane tasks of business. Although there's a time and a place for both, we can all appreciate the beauty that each of these collections bring.

Simple Wine
Spring Moodboard
Curated Collection: Autumn


Threes are self-assured, attractive, and charming. Ambitious, competent, and energetic, they can also be status-conscious and highly driven for advancement. They are diplomatic and poised, but can also be overly concerned with their image and what others think of them. They typically have problems with workaholism and competitiveness. At their Best: self-accepting, authentic, everything they seem to beβ€”role models who inspire others.

What we love about 3’s: They are hard workers, and easily motivated. They value hard work and setting goals to accomplish. They will lead a team with excellence, are focused on the results of a task, and will not waste any time in checking the to-do’s off their list.Β 

For the Styled Stock Gal who is ready to get moving with their day! Tulip Mockups are paired perfectly as your desktop background to bring a pop of color into a 3’s productive day. Morning at Home is for the boss lady who does it all, all while working from home - her place of business and rest. Because she’s just multi-talented that way. ;)

And what is a productive day without first jump starting it with a Morning Workout? 3’s are the first in line to set the alarm clock to rise-and-shine-o’clock, and these curated collections were chosen just for them!Β 

Tulip Mockups
Morning at Home
Morning Workout


Fours are self-aware, sensitive, and reserved. They are emotionally honest, creative, and personal, but can also be moody and self-conscious. Withholding themselves from others due to feeling vulnerable and defective, they can also feel disdainful and exempt from ordinary ways of living. They typically have problems with melancholy, self-indulgence, and self-pity. At their Best: inspired and highly creative, they are able to renew themselves and transform their experiences.

What we love about 4’s: They have incredibly unique abilities, and are highly creative. They love authenticity, connection and deep conversations. They are always on the hunt to see the beauty in all things life has to offer.Β 

For the Styled Stock Gal who's tuned in to the finer things in life. The one who feels the feels through color, vibes, art, fashion and more. Fashion Blogger is both neutral and classy. But First, Coffee shows off one of the greatest finer things in life - aka the variety of ways you can take your coffee. (trust us, it matters to our beloved 4’s). And Artist in the Studio is everything our dreams are made of when we’re living happily in the clouds - or on the canvas.Β 

Fashion Blogger
But First, Coffee
Artist in the Studio


Fives are alert, insightful, and curious. They are able to concentrate and focus on developing complex ideas and skills. Independent, innovative, and inventive, they can also become preoccupied with their thoughts and imaginary constructs. They become detached, yet high-strung and intense. They typically have problems with eccentricity, nihilism, and isolation. At their Best: visionary pioneers, often ahead of their time, and able to see the world in an entirely new way.

What we love about 5’s: They are independent, analytical, and often very skilled at problem-solving. They enjoy learning and then sharing that information and knowledge with others. They are wise, observant, and have no problem with setting their own boundaries.

For the Styled Stock Gal who can easily access both sides of their brain. The creative and the intellectual sides live in harmony and we love them for it. Chocolate Bars because well, they deserve it after a long day of research and emails. Fall Moodboard because they are all about making sure their environment is curated perfectly for their season. And Working at Home because 5’s know that all things are possible when they set their own boundaries, and you’ll often find them working from home coming up with their next big business idea.Β 

Chocolate Bars
Fall Moodboard
Working at Home


The committed, security-oriented type. Sixes are reliable, hard-working, responsible, and trustworthy. Excellent "troubleshooters," they foresee problems and foster cooperation, but can also become defensive, evasive, and anxiousβ€”running on stress while complaining about it. They can be cautious and indecisive, but also reactive, defiant and rebellious. They typically have problems with self-doubt and suspicion. At their Best: internally stable and self-reliant, courageously championing themselves and others.

What we love about 6’s:Β You can rely on them to be loyal, trustworthy and committed. They are in it for the long haul.Β Plan A, B AND C are all taken care of. They are good friends, and always prepared for all situations.Β 

For the Styled Stock Gal who remembers to take care of herself. We chose our Wellness collection for her because she’s in it for the long haul, and she knows this business journey is a marathon, not a sprint. So better buckle down and take care of yourself while you can. We threw in Matcha Green Tea because they’re just sophisticated like that. ;)

Studio Apartment
Matcha Green Tea


Sevens are extroverted, optimistic, versatile, and spontaneous. Playful, high-spirited, and practical, they can also misapply their many talents, becoming over-extended, scattered, and undisciplined. They constantly seek new and exciting experiences, but can become distracted and exhausted by staying on the go. They typically have problems with impatience and impulsiveness. At their Best: they focus their talents on worthwhile goals, becoming appreciative, joyous, and satisfied.

What we love about 7’s:Β They are optimistic and quick thinkers. They are the life of the party, and you will always know when a 7 walks into the room. They love entertaining, they are bubbly and fun and can make anyone feel like their best friend. They have a passion and zeal for life, and often hate when plans get canceled.

For the Styled Stock Gal who is always known when she walks in the room. Bright Fruits because her personality reminds us of all things bright, bubbly and beautiful! Coffee Shop Coworking because they often prefer to work in group settings. After all, what's the point of life if you can’t work with your gal pals?? Says every 7 ever. And if we’re correct in our thinking, 7’s live for a good Summer Evening… after all, isn’t that where all the magical moments happen?Β 

Bright Fruits
Coffee Shop Coworking
Summer Evening


Eights are self-confident, strong, and assertive. Protective, resourceful, straight-talking, and decisive, but can also be ego-centric and domineering. Eights feel they must control their environment, especially people, sometimes becoming confrontational and intimidating. Eights typically have problems with their tempers and with allowing themselves to be vulnerable. At their Best: self- mastering, they use their strength to improve others' lives, becoming heroic, magnanimous, and inspiring.

What we love about 8’s:Β They are fair, decisive and responsible. They stand up for what is right, and they are confident and strong. They have a desire to see justice, honesty and freedom in all things. They are a powerful presence are were born to be leaders.Β 

For the Styled Stock Gal who lives life to the fullest and isn’t out to please anyone but herself (in the best way). She'll love Healthy Haul because it reminds us that we can’t fill from an empty cup. It reminds her how important it is to nourish our bodies and take care of ourselves. Potting Shed is a reflection of 8’s because of the DIY’ers living inside of them. They aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and really dig deep. Both physically and metaphorically.

Healthy Haul
Potting Shed
Spring in the City


Nines are accepting, trusting, and stable. They are usually creative, optimistic, and supportive, but can also be too willing to go along with others to keep the peace. They want everything to go smoothly and be without conflict, but they can also tend to be complacent, simplifying problems and minimizing anything upsetting. They typically have problems with inertia and stubbornness. At their Best: indomitable and all-embracing, they are able to bring people together and heal conflicts.

What we love about 9’s:Β They are flexible and can always understand where others are coming from. They enjoy a peaceful environment, being relaxed and feeling heard. Kind and approachable, they are often a calm presence for others, and are go-with-the flow daily.Β 

For the Styled Stock Gal who isn’t bothered by the small things. Coastal Getaway is their personality in a collection. Peaceful, go-with-the-flow and all around loved by all. Our picks Floral Flat Lay’s & Summer Moodboard were inspired by the easiness that 9’s bring to the workplace. Always willing to be optimistic and supportive of others, a team player, and they help bring calm to all things whether its emails, team building, executing or day to day tasks.Β 

Coastal Getaway
Floral Flat Lays
Summer Moodboard

We hope this was as fun for you as it was for us. 😜 Did the collections we picked for your number speak to you? If not, which Stock House collections would you choose for your enneagram? Let us know over on Insta!

Let's keep the Enneagram convo rolling πŸ‘

Enneagram Descriptions - The Enneagram Institute :



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