The NEW KateMaxStock Shop Tour!

KateMaxStock Shop Tour

Cue the confetti and get those party pants on! It’s time to celebrate and we hope you people are ready, because the brand new KateMaxStock website has officially launched and you’re lookin’ at it!

As all my fellow bossladies know, building out a new website is always a sweet labor of love (and sweat and time and moments of insanity!) and this one has been a long time coming and built entirely with YOU in mind.

You’ll find some snazzy new features, liiiiiike:

  • A new “favorites” feature within the Shop and Membership Library, which are combined for easy browsing
  • A handy dandy search bar 
  • Filtering capabilities, so you can quickly find the photos you’re really after!

Holla! Once you’re peeping around the Shop area, be sure to check out the sidebar menu for the most common categories – as well as the more specific tags assigned to each listing to help narrow down your image search.

These new features are going to save you SO much time and brain space (no more digging through collection after collection!) so you can quickly find the perfect image you’re after, download it, and be on your merry way to marketing and business bliss! How about that?!

I’m giving you a grand tour of the new KateMaxStock Shop & Member Library space in the video below, so check it out and get the low down on how it all moves and grooves!


WOOHOO! Snazzy, right?! We’re going to keep refining the site over the next few weeks, so if you see anything that feels totally off, let me know! And if you love it, holler down below in the comments and let us know that, too! All for you, peeps, all for yoouu!

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