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Tutorial: Creating a Frame Mockup

Wondering how to seamlessly insert your designs or artwork into our frame images? We’ve got ya covered with this tutorial!

time to get your learn on!

Hey hey, boss!

One of the things I love most about this ole biz of mine is getting to work with so many different types of women-run businesses. It’s always an honor to work alongside these ladies in providing a resource that can totally change their businesses and save them so much time and money along the way.

I love to see how each girlboss uses their styled stock membership and photos to add that bit of ‘oomph’ to their brand and marketing, but seeing how all of the crazy talented designers and artists out there use their KateMaxStock frame and paper goods mockups is always so fun. You people are good!

If you’ve ever wondered how to place your own artwork within our frame mockups, we’ve got a plethora of tutorials for you. It may look tricky, but it’s super simple!

Watch the below videos to learn how to create a frame mockup for your own art or designs – we have a Photoshop, Canva, and Mobile option for ya.



creating a frame mockup with


creating a frame mockup with


creative a frame mockup on

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