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Want MORE Follower FREEBIES Each Month?!

We’re giving you even more chances to score free styled stock images from us each month!

Hey hey, you!

If you’re new here – welcome, boss babe! Have you signed up for our monthly Follower Freebies yet? We send out (often the latest images that just hit the Shop!) a couple of FREE styled stock images to our newsletter subscribers each month – sign up for the newsletter list here so you don’t miss all of the freebie images – and now we’re upping the ante and giving you even MORE free images each month!

how about some free insta photos?!


We’re all about making your life a bit easier, and we know the hustle it takes to make business life and personal life get along. It’s legitimately hard to fit it all in sometimes – where is the time?! Which is why we’re here to continue making your life a bit more simple (AND prettier!) with even more chances each month to grab some FREE styled stock images!

All you’ve got to do is follow along with KateMaxStock on Instagram (which you should be doing anyways!) and we’ll upload a free photo to our Instagram Stories each month. Check out the deets below!

here’s how it works:

  • Follow KateMaxStock on Instagram
  • Around the first of each month, we’ll upload a new photo to our Instagram Stories ‘Freebies’ Tab (pictured above – we even drew a handy-dandy arrow to it 😉 in our mockup )
  • Be sure to catch the un-watermarked freebie image in our Stories around the first of the month and grab that screenshot!
  • Go enjoy your freebie image – woohoo!

If you missed the first of the month image in our Stories or are finding us a bit later on in the month, no worries! Again, just find the ‘Freebies’ IG Story tab in our Instagram profile and click through to screenshot the images you want.

That’s it! Another chance to grab some free styled stock photos from us each month!


Here’s a peek at July’s recent IG freebie – check out that lovely Piña colada (hey, Piña colada day was coming up during the month of July)!

Just like with our Follower Freebie images we send out each month, we’ll give you on-trend, seasonal photos that will help you market your business more beautifully AND easily.

And speaking of easy – can it get any easier to get some free styled stock photos each month?! I don’t think so!

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